My personal experiences in the District, as graduate of Washington Union in 1974 and as an employee for 28 years, have transformed my life.  These experiences helped me develop a profound appreciation and understanding for the impact our educational system has on the youth we serve.  Education is said to be a great equalizer in our society, enabling students to transcend any barriers of their youth, giving them the key to the American Dream.  The success of our students is profound evidence of this ideal and creates a noble purpose that motivates us to do the very best for every student in our care.  

Washington Unified School District is comprised of American Union Elementary, West Fresno Elementary, West Fresno Middle and Washington Union High schools, along with various alternative education opportunities.  Our District serves approximately 2,600 students in grades preK – 12.

At Washington Unified schools “Everything Matters, Every Day”, from positive relationships with students, parents, and community, to the condition of our school facilities, to the ability of our teachers to deliver the best for our students each and every day in the classroom. We have enthusiastically accepted this challenge and are dedicated to preparing students for the challenge of College and Careers.

Our District is unique and provides students with a diverse set of experiences that include the traditions of a 125 year old district blended with modern technology and a variety of rigorous and relevant programs such as the Health Institute, Law and Justice Institute and the Agriculture Institute, which is a partnership with the Wonderful Corporation and Reedley College. To meet the challenge of providing rigorous and relevant experiences, staff receives extensive professional development to insure that they have the instructional tools that will engage students, such as modern, effective instruction with integrated use of technology.  

Washington Unified is a district with a vision of excellence, continued plans for improved facilities, vibrant educational programs and a positive culture where “Everything Matters, Every Day”. As superintendent, I look forward to supporting and growing our efforts to influence lives and change futures!

Joey Campbell

Superintendent, Washington Unified School District