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Benefits of taking Online Courses

Cyber High courses are designed to enhance problem solving skills while allowing students to work and learn at their own pace. Access to a course is available 24 hours a day- every day. Each course is 5 units of high school credit. Each unit contains reading, practice activities, quizzes, and exams. Many units include supplemental engaging activities like videos, blogs, projects, essays, webpage creation and more.


Monitoring and Pacing

Each course is approved and monitored by a District educator. Each Unit test is also approved by staff upon request by the student. Because learning is individualized, students are not required to take a test until they comprehend the material. Disruption between learning and assessment is minimalized due to the student setting the pace and individualized progress.


Standards and Rigor

Cyber High curriculum is both California State-Common Core standards based and rigorous. Student learning is accomplished through critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Course Catalog



  • Art History A/B


  • English 1A/1B***
  • English 2A/2B***
  • English 3A/3B***
  • English 4A/4B***
  • American Lit A/B***
  • Grammar Through Lit A/B
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Writing Composition A***
  • Dimensions of Culture

Health Education

  • Choice for Life
  • Health Education

Life Skills

  • Career Exploration
  • Economic Decision Making
  • Learning in the Information Age A/B
  • You and the News

Social Science

  • World Geography and Culture A/B
  • World History A/B***
  • S. History A/B***
  • American Government***
  • Economics***
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Early California History
  • Sociology***


  • Algebra A/B***
  • Algebra 2 A/B***
  • Geometry A/B***
  • Integrated Math1 A/B***
  • Integrated Math2 A/B***
  • Integrated Math3 A/B***
  • Application Math
  • Basic Math A/B
  • Math Skills Review
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Consumer Education


  • Biology A/B
  • Environmental Science A/B
  • Integrated Science A/B
  • Laboratory Bio A/B***
  • Physical Science A/B

World Languages

  • American Sign Language A/B***

***Designates A-G approved courses


Effective uses for Cyber High online courses:

  • Original Credit
  • Credit Recovery
  • Acceleration
  • Targeted Intervention
  • Adult Diploma Completion

Grant Thor

Learning Director of Alternative Education

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