Student Registration

Please contact your child’s school site for support.

New Students

Click here to register all new students who have never enrolled in WUSD schools.

Returning Students

For 2023-24 School Year (current Washington Unified TK-12 students)

Attention Incoming 9th Grade Students

If your child attended one of the following schools within the Washington Union High School boundaries, please register that child as an “existing” student.  Schools within WUHS boundaries include American Union, Pacific Union, Orange Center, Washington Colony, West Fresno, and West Park Elementary Schools.

Enrollment Now Open!

American Union Elementary School

(559) 495-5650

American Union Elementary Preschool

(559) 495-5650

West Fresno Elementary School

(559) 495-5615

West Fresno Elementary Preschool

(559) 495-5615

West Fresno Middle School

(559) 495-5607

Washington Union High School

(559) 495-5680

Alternative Education Schools

(559) 495-5690