How does WUSD ensure that research-based instructional practices are in place in every classroom?

WUSD spent the Fall semester of 2015 creating a unified Walk Through Form that is utilized on each campus for improving teaching and learning.  This form was created with input from teachers, site administrators, and district administrators.  Administrators are in classrooms on a weekly basis to give feedback to teachers using this form.  Teachers receive immediate individualized feedback on their lessons and principals meet bi-weekly to analyze the data for school-wide and district-wide trends that help inform administrators regarding areas of strength (to recognize and promote) and areas of growth (to help support).  


WUSD also uses Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to improve student learning.  Teachers meet with their PLCs on a regular basis to analyze student formative assessment data and make adjustments in their teaching where necessary.  The PLC process promotes a collaborative environment for teachers to learn from other teachers in order to help each child grow in their skillset and knowledge in order to meet standard.  (See WUSD PLC Action Steps)