Q1. How do I create a Portal account?

-Detailed instructions for creating a PARENT account can be found here.
-Detailed instructions for creating a STUDENT account can be found here.

Q2.Why am I not receiving a confirmation email?

A2. Most email providers/programs run some type of Spam guard program. If you do not see an email from either the principal or support@wusd.ws, check inside your SPAM folder, Junk mail folder, Bulk Items folder or Trash Folder to see if the email landed in any of those folders. It is recommended to add these addresses to your contacts list. If you did not receive the auto generated emails from either the principal or support@wusd.ws, you will need to check the SPAM settings within your email account to allow these emails to go to into your Inbox. You can also contact your email provider for support on how to allow these emails into your Inbox.

Q3. I still haven’t received my confirmation email, can you resend it?

A3. Please follow the steps for resetting your password outlined in A4 below.  This process will send a new confirmation email.

Q5. I don’t have an email account, do I need one to access Parent Portal?

A5. You must have an email address to use Parent Portal. If you do not currently have an email account, there are several companies which offer free web based email including Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft.

Q6. I have more than one student attending Washington Unified. Do I need to create a seperate account to access each student?

A6. You do not need a seperate Parent Portal account to access more than one student. Please find detailed instructions for adding another student to your account here.