Grant Thor

Principal, Washington Unified Alternative Education

Welcome to the Washington Unified School District Alternative Education Program. We are proud to offer students in our district options for their education. We strive to make our program meet the goals of the individuals we serve. Our program consists of three schools with unique purposes to support and meet the needs of students and their families.

Easton High School is located a quarter-mile from Washington Union High School near the John Ventura Stadium. The Easton High campus is a positive atmosphere with small classrooms where students that are credit deficient can work toward being transferred to WUHS on graduation track or focus on earning their High School Diploma through our site.

Like Easton High School, Easton Community Day School is also located on the site near WUHS. Easton Community Day serves students with attendance and/or behavior challenges. The school provides curriculum in Life Skills, Character, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Social and Emotional Care areas along with traditional core subject education.

In addition to the two on-campus schools, our Alternative Education Program also offers Independent Study through ELM High School. Both in-person and online programs are available to students. 

I couldn’t be more proud of the gains our program has made in improving attendance at all of our Alt Ed Schools, our increased graduation rate program-wide, and the focus on providing the best individualized education to our students. Our success comes from being sensitive to individual needs while creating a positive atmosphere for our students, staff, and community. “Continuation” is no longer a bad place to be! 


Grant Thor

Principal of Washington Unified Alternative Education Programs