Wide view image of customer service representative placing three wooden cut circles with contact and information icons on them in a row.

WUSD Cabinet

Picture of Superintendent Randy Morris

Randy Morris | Superintendent

559-495-5626 | rmorris@wusd.ws

Picture of Sophia Rizzo

Sophia Rizzo, Ed.D. | Assistant Superintendent

559-495-5610 | sophia.rizzo@wusd.ws

Picture of Chris Vaz

Chris Vaz | Chief Business Official

559-495-5603 | cvaz@wusd.ws

Picture of Alicia Sanborn

Alicia Sanborn | Director of Early Literacy & Assessment

559-495-5602 | asanborn@wusd.ws

Picture of John Sherron

John Sherron | Director of Curriculum & Instruction

559-495-5621 | jsherron@wusd.ws

Picture of Derek Cruz

Director of Educational Support Services

559-495-5609 | dcruz@wusd.ws

WUSD Directors

Picture of Keith Loewen

Keith Loewen | Director of Financial Services

559-495-5631 | keith.loewen@wusd.ws

Picture of Jamie Villalobos

Jamie Villalobos | Director of Food Services

559-495-5612 | jamie.villalobos@wusd.ws

Picture of Dennis Vass

Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

559-495-5622 | dvass@wusd.ws

Steve Maquiso Director of Technology

Stephen Maquiso | Director of Technology

559-495-5611 | smaquiso@wusd.ws

WUSD District Staff

Picture of Michelle Roberto

Michelle Roberto | District Services Specialist I

559-495-5632 | mroberto@wusd.ws

Picture of Sal Fonseca

Sal Fonseca | District Services Specialist II

559-495-5625 | sfonseca@wusd.ws

Picture of Stephanie McClindon

Stephanie Jackson-McClindon | District Support Technician

559-495-5608 | smcclindon@wusd.ws

Picture of A.J. Lacuesta

A.J. Lacuesta | Media Communications Specialist

559-495-5638 | aj.lacuesta@wusd.ws

Picture of Tina Lopez

Tina Lopez | District Services Specialist II

559-495-5628 | tlopez@wusd.ws

Picture of Christian Maravilla

Christian Maravilla | District Services Specialist I

559-495-5639 | cmaravilla@wusd.ws

Picture of Antoine Woods

Antoine Woods | Attendance Services Specialist

559-495-5636 | awoods@wusd.ws

Picture of Mandy Hendricks

Mandy Hendricks | Clerical Assistant

559-495-5600 | mwaller@wusd.ws

Picture of Yvonne Hernandez

Yvonne Hernandez | Adminstrative Asst. to the Superintendent 

559-495-5626 | yvonne.hernandez@wusd.ws

Ann Oritz | District Services Specialist



Leslie Antazo | Accounting Technician II

559-495-5604 | lantazo@wusd.ws


Marvela Trevino | District Services Specialist II

559-495-5618 | mtrevino@wusd.ws

Sandra Aguilera | State and Federal Programs Administrator

559-495-5636 | sandra.aguilera@wusd.ws

WUSD Academic Coaches

Picture of Laura Sliva

Laura Silva | Academic Coach

559-495-5617 | laura.silva@wusd.ws

Picture of De Anna Huffman

De Anna Huffman | Academic Coach


Picture of Ashlee Lidyoff

Ashlee Lidyoff | Academic Coach


WUSD Technology

Picture of Ben Lane System Support Technician

Ben Lane | System Support Technician

ext 4664 | blane@wusd.ws

Nicholas Vang

Nicholas Vang | Technology Support Technician

ext 4661 | nvang@wusd.ws

Mai Bee Her

Mai Bee Her | Technnology Support Technician

ext 4663| mher@wusd.ws

Dylan Vass

Dylan Vass | Technnology Support Technician

ext 4660| dylan.vass@wusd.ws

Frank III Contreras

Frank III Contreras | Technology Support Technician

ext 4662 | frank.contreras@wusd.ws