COVID 19- Field Trip Criteria and Procedure 3/12/20

Based on the latest guidance from the California Department of Public Health and Fresno County Department of Public Health WUSD has developed the following guidelines and procedures for attending field trips. 

At this time, WUSD will allow field trips within Fresno County if the event is expected to have less than 250 people in attendance. 

For trips to other counties we will use the following criteria to help us determine whether or not a field trip will take place:

  • 0 cases: ok to go.
  • 10 or more cases: cancel the trip.
  • 1-10 cases: site admin calls Fresno County Department of Public Health or destination city for trip advice and reports to the superintendent to determine whether or not the trip will take place. 

If parents do not want their child to attend a field trip or large off-campus group events the parent can use the normal opt-out procedure, such as not signing the permission slip or contacting the school site and informing staff of their desire to opt-out.

On-campus supervision and instruction will be utilized for students who opt-out. 

Multiple health agencies are working together to develop guidelines for school districts. In areas with small numbers, like Fresno County, containment works very well. Consequently, we will monitor field trips and destinations very closely and use these guidelines. However, when necessary we will cancel field trips in an effort to protect our students, staff, parents, and community. 

If you have a question about a field trip first talk with site admin and if necessary reach out to district admin for additional assistance.