Washington Unified is committed to keeping you informed during Distance Learning. We have staff members available at each site to answer your questions or assist you while you work to facilitate learning from home. English, Spanish, and Hmong translators are available.  There are a variety of ways you can communicate with your child’s school site.

Phone Dialers and Text Messages

School staff have been contacting families on a regular basis using our automated phone dialer system.  If you are not receiving phone dialers from your child’s school, please contact your child’s school at the number or email address below so that we can update your information.  Be prepared to give your name, relation to your student, and the correct phone number.

School Website and Email

Each school has its own website that contains contact information as well as individual teacher email addresses.  To email your child’s teacher, please visit your child’s school website using the web address below.  We have also included a “COVID” email address for each school site that you may use to communicate with site staff about your COVID-19 related questions or concerns.

American Union Elementary School

Website: www.aues.washingtonunified.org

Phone: (559) 495-5650

Email Contact: auescovid@wusd.ws


West Fresno Elementary School

Website: www.wfes.washingtonunified.org

Phone: (559) 495-5615

Email Contact: wfescovid@wusd.ws


West Fresno Middle School

Website: www.wfms.washingtonunified.org

Phone: (559) 495-5607

Email Contact: wfmscovid@wusd.ws


Washington Union High School

Website: www.wuhs.washingtonunified.org

Phone: (559) 495-5680

Email Contact: wuhscovid@wusd.ws


Alternative Education Schools

Website: www.altedu.washingtonunified.org

Phone: (559) 495-5690

Email Contact: ehscovid@wusd.ws


Washington Unified School District

Website: www.washingtonunified.org 

Phone: (559) 495-5600