Derek Cruz

Director of Educational Support Services

Julieta Mora

School Liaison
(559) 495-5687 

Educational Support Services
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Migrant Parent Advisory Council - PAC

The Migrant Parent Advisory Council is elected to represent migrant services at the district level.

Parent Advisory Council Members

Rita Hernández

Isela García

Maricela Barragan

Jazmin Molinar

Yair Guexpal

Flora López

Javier Herrera, District Representative

2024 Honor Alumni Salvador Fonseca and 2024 Honor Parent Javier Herrera

2024 Honor Alumni and Parent

2024 Honor Alumni Salvador Fonseca and 2024 Honor Parent Javier Herrera

2024 Honor Student

Marissa Solano

2024 Regional Speech and Debate

2024 Regional Speech and Debate

Middle School Speech

1st Place 6th Grade Spanish Valerie Rangel

1st Place 6th Grade English Fabian Medel

 Middle School Debate

1st Place Team English: Manuel Medel, Javier Cerda, Ulises Solano, Diego Solano, and Pablo Medina

High speech speech

2nd place 9th grade English Anahi Guzman 

3rd place 9th grade Spanish Yetzi Lara

2nd Place 9th grade Spanish Berenice Romero

3rd place 10th grade English Leslie Marquez

1st place 10th grade English Sandra Rios

3rd place 11th grade Spanish Camila Zombrano

2nd place 11th grade English Brian Ramirez

3rd place 12th grade Spanish Bella Brito

2nd place 12th grade Spanish Maria Sanchez

High school Debate Team

1st place Spanish: Ana Cirilo, Jacob Segura, Mariana Ochoa, Yandel Nava, and Ruby Jimenez 

1st place English: Maria Ramos, Alex Herrera, Dulce Silva, Marissa Solano, and Esmeralda Jimenez

Wonderful and Brave Participants

Brandon Guexpaul  10th grade Spanish

Osiris Guzman 11th grade English

Guadalupe Ochoa 12th grade Spanish

 Migrant Parent Advisory Council Members, FCSS Staff, and WUSD Staff

 Migrant Parent Advisory Council Members, FCSS Staff, and WUSD Staff

Class of 2024

 State Speech and Debate Tournament, Monterey, CA

State Speech and Debate Tournament, Monterey, CA (May 3-5, 2024)

Sandra Antonio placed 3rd (10th grade, English Prepared Speech). Valerie Rangel placed 3rd (6th grade, Spanish Prepared Speech).

      A Big thank you to Mrs. Jessica Logan for all her hard work to support our Migrant Students. 

Migrant Education

Washington Unified is pleased to partner with Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Migrant Education Region IV  to offer a thriving Migrant Program for students and families. The WUSD Migrant Parent Committee meets monthly to enjoy dinner together and to discuss important issues facing Migrant families.  Presentation topics range from college readiness to health and wellness.  Please contact WUSD Migrant Liaison Julieta Mora for more information.

What is the Migrant Education Program?
Migrant Education is a national program that provides supplemental educational and support services to eligible migrant children each year. These services help children of migrant workers overcome the disadvantages they face, one of which is a disruption to their education due to mobility.

Who are Migrant Workers?
Migrant workers seek temporary or seasonal work in agriculture, fishing, or related industries, including food processing.  They follow the growing seasons across the country and are largely responsible for the cultivation and harvest of fruits, vegetables, and many other food products.  Many migrant workers have an average income below the national poverty line.  While many migrant families consider California to be their home base, others come from other states and countries.

Migrant children may come from large families with inadequate living space and low incomes. Poor nutrition, housing, and sanitary conditions may cause a high incidence of health problems. Migrant children may have limited English skills and/or little experience with success at school. These problems, combined with irregular school attendance, often lead to overall frustration and low academic performance.  This causes many migrant children to drop out of school in their teens.

Through the Migrant Education Program, these children can be provided with supplemental educational and support services to help overcome their difficulties.  Migrant children can close the achievement gap in education and develop skills and options for the future.  In addition, the program provides opportunities for them to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

What makes a child eligible?
To qualify for the Migrant Education Program, a migrant child must have moved within the past three years across state or school district boundaries with a migrant parent, guardian, or self, to enable the child, the child’s guardian, or a member of the child’s immediate family to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in an agricultural, fishing, or food processing activity.  The child may be in any grade between preschool and the 12th grade and must not be older than twenty-two and not a high school graduate.


Math Club

Washington Unified is offering a Math Club after school!
Grades K-8th

Students who join will participate in fun math games and activities while continuing to develop essential math skills. The sessions are 1 hour, twice a week, after school if you are interested in your child participating in ASP Math Club.  Classes begin the first week after Winter break.

For more information contact:
Julieta Mora
(559) 495-5670